COA-CAR welcomes OIC-Regional Director Renato O. Rosales with a call for leadership and innovation!

COA-CAR welcomes OIC-Regional Director Renato O. Rosales with a call for leadership and innovation!

by: Lois B. Belingon

Director Renato O. Rosales assumed the designation of OIC-Regional Director (OIC-RD) of the Commission on Audit – Cordillera Administrative Region (COA-CAR) on March 6, 2023. The COA-CAR family gave him a warm welcome through a simple but thoughtful gathering at the COA-CAR Regional Office.


During the event, OIC-RD Rosales was seen donning a lively red vest made of Kalinga fabric, which symbolized his embrace of the local culture and his readiness to lead COA-CAR. In his speech, OIC-RD Rosales shared that he had started believing that life is all about being a leader and taking responsibilities ever since he became an Audit Team Leader. He quoted author Gifford Thomas, saying, “You are a true leader when you help your team become successful. Leadership is not about you, it’s all about the people you serve.”


With three (3) decades of audit work in this Commission and a wealth of international audit engagements, OIC-RD Rosales is a Certified Public Accountant by profession and a seasoned auditor. He expressed his desire to impart best practices and introduce innovations in his latest assignment as the OIC-RD of COA-CAR. He emphasized the importance of aiming for a better COA-CAR and fostering more harmonious working relationships among the officials and employees of said Region.


COA-CAR, under the leadership of OIC-RD Rosales, is expected to witness a period of transformation and growth as he brings his extensive experience and leadership philosophy to guide the Region. With a strong focus on serving the people and helping the personnel succeed, OIC-RD Rosales is poised to lead COA-CAR to new heights by fostering innovation, excellence, and collaboration among its officials and employees. The COA-CAR family eagerly anticipates the positive changes and improvements that OIC-RD Rosales will bring to COA-CAR, as they work together towards a more efficient, transparent, and accountable public sector in the Cordillera Administrative Region.